15 Jun 2016
Oh My Gosh. I think winter has finally hit our hills with a vengeance.
22 Dec 2015
A few book ideas for Christmas Presents (for yourself or somebody you can instantly borrow the book from).
25 May 2015
And we're off into cattle station country for a while.
25 Apr 2015
Yummy Anzac Biscuits ...
25 Aug 2014
Sunday afternoon usually sees us with visitors coming down the drive. Our property is locally classified as being ‘way out there’ which in terms of the rest of Australia really isn’t very far ‘way out there’...
14 Aug 2014
A while ago, a cry went up on Facebook in a number of places for some ideas for children’s lunch box/smoko recipes. I thought I’d share this one with you. It’s a fantastic slice which can be adapted to suit the contents of your pantry and a myriad of tastes.
5 Jun 2014
Some time ago I posted a photo at my author page on Facebook of the most divine and totally out of this world, scrumptious circle of decadence called a Lemon Myrtle Coconut Syrup Cake. (Can you tell how much we loved it?)
7 Apr 2014
How many cookbooks are on your book shelves? If your kitchen is anything like mine, lots. But it’s the tried and true favourites like Merle Parish’s cook books, the CWA journals and the Australian Woman’s Weekly selections that I keep returning to. THE AUSTRALIAN BLUE RIBBON COOKBOOK has just joined that exclusive club.
27 Jun 2013
It was my beloved husband's birthday this week. My present to him was my most favourite thing in the whole world besides him, my kids, the dog, my family & friends, the farm ... I got him boots. Motorbike boots though rather than the other kind I like (Ariats forever). He loves them, which ultimately equates to brownie points for me.
20 Jun 2013
I have decided there are three ingredients that I can’t do without in my country kitchen.
11 Jun 2013
One of my children's all time favourite smoko's would have to be vanilla balls, or rum ball minus the rum.
20 Dec 2012
In view of Santa's impending arrival next week, no doubt followed by a hoard of relatives (or even just one or two) for lunch or tea at your place on the BIG day, I thought I'd share two of my most favourite festive season recipes which have seen me through the last couple of Christmas days in great style. They also might help you!